Travelling with a chronic illness

There’s nothing I love more than planning our next getaway & we were lucky enough this month to travel to New York & Philadelphia. We planned the trip as part of My husbands 30th Birthday celebrations & I was looking forward to my first trip to the States.

My biggest anxiety about the trip was the 7.5 hour flight & I really couldn’t see past that. Much of my preparation before hand was about managing my thoughts & anxiety before the flight. The good news is I managed it without any panic attacks & I done fairly well to manage the intrusive thoughts.

New York was everything I expected from it, bright lights, big city & lots of people! My anxiety was present for much of the time I was in New York with tension headaches, nausea & intrusive thoughts. I made the most of the time we had there & enjoyed Top of The Rock, The Empire State Building & the Statue or Liberty, to name just a few. I found it difficult to manage evenings out due to the crowds & people constantly rushing on by, fast paced with no time to stop or think.

I managed my anxiety with early mornings & days out & tried to avoid evenings out & work rush hour times. Fatigue & arthritis pain played a huge part of how I was feeling & I tried to pace myself & rest as much as possible. I underestimated how much New York would take it out me. I was constantly on the go, walking & exploring new places.

I couldn’t wait to get the train to Philadelphia after 4 days on the go, it was time for me to leave New York as mentally and physically I was done. Philadelphia was perfect, a laid back City with character, positive vibes & lots of history. It was less in your face as New York was, people were nicer, the pace of things was much slower & we had the time to relax & enjoy our last few days of our travels. My anxiety completely left me in Philly & I was left to manage the arthritis pain & joints popping. I was much more relaxed & visited the Liberty Bell & sort of ran up the Rocky Steps.

Even although I was on holiday & enjoying myself my chronic illnesses didn’t leave me or give me a break. It was very much present & flaring but I tried to minimise the impact it had on me.

The best advice I would give anyone for travelling with a chronic illness is:

1. Plan your days out & minimise the walking

2. Pace yourself & don’t burn yourself out

3. Rest, rest & more rest. Save those spoons!


9 thoughts on “Travelling with a chronic illness

  1. Travis Lee says:

    Arthritis sucks. I developed arthritis of the spine after my car accident, but I am glad that it was somewhat manageable on your first trip to my homeland! I am glad you enjoyed it here, and hopefully it is one of many visits to come.

    Thank you for these tips. I will be sure to use them on my next vacation.

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    • arthritisfighterleann says:

      Your right, it does suck but it didn’t stop me enjoying your homeland. Hopefully I’ll get to return in the future. Thanks for the comment & follow.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. PopularIsWrong says:

    Glad you managed to enjoy yourself. I conquered my fear of flying by simply flying more back home (a coach trip to Poland is 36 hours so that makes planes a lot nicer.) I used to get terrible panic attacks. Some nice advice about planning ahead.


  3. melissadawnlacey says:

    I’m glad you was able to enjoy your trip! Also love what you’re doing with your blog, a lot of people aren’t aware of the impact of chronic illnesses so it is great that you’re sharing your journey!

    Love, Melissa x

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